Katy Carr – Paszport

Music OMH thought this startling, essential music might have trouble finding an audience, so here’s the shameless link-bait. A cat playing a theremin.



If that’s got you in the mood for some seriously good music, I have just the thing. 

“Carr’s sound is hard to pigeonhole, approximating classical music at certain points, and film music at others. Her music is rooted in folk most concretely, but often of the Polish rather than English kind. For all that, it’s remarkably accessible, as is the intellectual ambition behind the project. Carr has a beautiful and rather unique voice, at turns gentle and strident, and it’s a real shame that Paszport is almost certainly doomed to a small listening audience in today’s disinterested mass market.”

Uninterested” – “disinterested” means to have no vested interest, which is certainly true of 99% of listeners, but you shouldn’t be uninterested, because Carr’s music isn’t dry and dull but poppy and vibrant. Hummable, even. You could pop this and Kimbra back-to-back and have yourself a jolly good knees-up.



Yes, it’s a concept album about an escape from Auschwitz (true story), but don’t let that persuade you that it’s not fun to hear. It takes that tension and weaves it into an exhilarating burst of energy.



Music for music lovers, indeed! Head on over to Music OMH to read their review




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