My Daguerrotype Boyfriend has a calendar: Where early photography meets extreme hotness


My Daguerrotype Boyfriend is a Tumblr blog dedicated to old photographs where the subject is, well, kinda hot. Its collection dates back to the earliest types of photography, along with trivia about the subjects of each picture.


Chancy Brown, Sergeant at Arms for the Liberian Senate. Daguerreotype, c, 1856-1860. (Library of Congress)


“We’ve had Johannes Brahms on here before, but we really can’t stress [enough] the hotness of this Romantic composer. Did we mention that he played piano in brothels to make ends meet?”

He does rather look like Michael Gira from Swans …


Daniel Tohill, age 27, 1908. Mugshot via the New Zealand Police Museum. Tohill was acquitted of stealing a bicycle but found guilty and sentenced to four months hard labor in prison for stealing a fur necklet.

This married father of three had two previous convictions, which included stealing from a railway shed and nabbing two ferrets.


You can admire these beauties in greater detail by acquiring MDB’s new calendar, at $12, which comes with a bonus 1863 calendar for when you get your time machine.



The front side of this 12×18 poster includes images of an unknown Union looker, and Confederate dreamboat Captain Jesse Sharpe Barnes (here he is with a mustache!), and the reverse side features three images of Union and Confederate hotties, alongside love letters written from soldiers to their sweethearts at home.

Each poster costs $12 plus tax and shipping and will be sent USPS, rolled in a tube for safekeeping. We’re also including a special price of $20 for two posters, so you can keep one for yourself and give one as a present.

The posters will be reading for shipping after the Thanksgiving holiday and sold through the end of the year. Don’t let your Daguerreotype boyfriend slip away!


>>My Daguerrotype Boyfriend>>



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