Beyond 2012: Five things to look forward to when that Mayan calendar flips again


Star Trek Into Darkness

Let’s not beat around the bush here: the last Star Trek was f***ing magic, and this returns with the same director and perfect cast. Here’s hoping for the same mixture of exhilarating action, spot-on humour and warm, fuzzy feelings we got from the last one. 


The next generation of video games

Assuming that this is not pre-rendered and – as the title suggests – real time footage, the next Final Fantasy game is going to look absolutely incredible! My heart is pounding just watching this footage, and I can’t wait to get my grubby paws on games that look this good.


Mass Effect 4

Yeah, we know that Mass Effect 3 was rather disappointing, but the ME universe is just so compelling that it’s difficult to imagine a future without it. BioWare created a setting, history and characters fully worthy of comparison with Star Trek or Star Wars, and the ME games will be as fondly remembered as Knights of the Old Republic.

ME4 will be developed by the Montreal team, who – as far as I recall – didn’t make the original game but did work on the multiplayer/DLCs. Time will tell whether they deliver a Skyrim-style slab of top form or a Duke Nukem-style abomination.


The new Buke and Gase album

I’m salivating at the thought of new album General Dome, which comes out next month. Anyone who heard the Function Falls EP – and by now you really should! – will have an idea of what to expect. Richly textured, innovative and quirky alt-rock from the band whose least interesting aspect is that they make their own instruments.

Read up on B&G here or risk missing out on a former Blue Man Group-er’s “seemingly improbable marriage of singsong-y pop with angular art-punk and proggy constructs”.


The “HIDE Satellite album”

When Foetus last released a “satellite appendix” album, it was described as songs recorded around the same time as LOVE, collaborations and other rarities that were broadly contemporary to the main release. Considering that DAMP featured the extraordinary Hemo the Cuckold, and was better than most bands’ main albums, I think we’re in for a treat.

(Foetus on SYTYCD)

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