#musicmonday : Delerium – Incantation

Today’s #musicmonday comes to you via a bit of a detour, since I was actually looking for something else. I was enthused after reading OMH’s review of the new Mediaeval Baebes album, and its description of their version of She Moved Through The Fayre as “tear-inducing”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything, but this is pretty good.


Connoisseurs of offbeat gothic indie rock will recall approximately half the band from Miranda Sex Garden, and that recollection led me to seek out one of my favourite songs from the band’s Alex Hacke-produced Fairytales of Slavery.


Absolutely fantastic song! The Neubauten-ish industrial touches really complement those distinctive, dreamy vocals.

So, this massive digression aside (I hope you clicked on the links. I’ll be checking. There’ll be a test and everything), we finally get to this week’s #musicmonday.

We’re in a mindframe of dreamy gothicky vocals and industrial beats, right? Which leads us neatly to Delerium, which to most of the world means the Top-10-in-almost-every-country Silence, but to us weirdos means “Front Line Assembly side project”.



But Silence wasn’t my first Delerium love. The one I danced my tail off to at four in the morning on many, many occasions was the glorious Incantation, which can still give me shivers.


Rose Chronicles singer Kristy Thirsk provides the spine-tingling vocals.


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