Liars – Octagon

Liars WIXIW cover

I think I might have made a mistake. When Liars first released WIXIW amid what can only reasonably be described as a blaze of glory, I was sceptical. There have been so many of these single-syllable indie bands who are frankly dull as f***, and it didn’t help that I was less than impressed with the first song I heard by them. Maybe it was my mood, or the context, or the fact that WIXIW really needs to be heard as a whole. 

Either way, I think Octagon stands up on its own, inhabiting that hypnotic drone-electronic space that Carter Tutti Void so vastly filled earlier in the year. I think it was at that point that I decided to add WIXIW to my Christmas List.

I know.

It should have been on there from the start. Call it oversight, whatever. I goofed up, but here I admit it. I’m absolutely loving what I’ve heard so far. I’m ploughing through the rest of it on Spotify, and this should tide us over until the fat crimson bloke pops a copy in my stocking.




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