Top 50 songs of 2012: 30-21


In no particular order …

30. Snapline – She

Hypnotic motorik from the Carsick Cars side-project from China.


29. DJ Food – Prey

JG Thirlwell lends his Brooklyn growl to this perky breakbeat-laden electronica, but it’s the 60s-style ba-ba-baahs that really make it.


28. Knifeworld – Clairvoyant Fortnight

The Cardiacs/Monsoon Bassoon racket-eers make their own peculiar nonsense sound an awful lot like radio-friendly pop.


27. Nicola Roberts – Yo-Yo

The one with the talent from Girls Aloud surprised fans and critics by eschewing the tired David Guetta route and making something that was actually any good.


26. The Star Wars That I Used To Know

You can’t just pretend this never happened.


25. Zola Jesus – Seekir

JG Thirlwell rescored a set of Zola Jesus tracks which they performed with Mivos Quartet at the Guggenheim Museum back in May.


24. Philip Glass – NYC: 73-78 (Beck Rework)

Bloody brilliant contribution to Glass’s collection of remixes by various trendy types.


23. Joseph Mulhollen – Garbage

I wasn’t sure whether to put Patrick Wolf here, but since I vastly prefer the original Overture to this year’s acoustic take, you get the silly-haired beardy one instead.


22. Bat For Lashes – Laura

I’m restricting myself to two songs from The Haunted Man, so I’ll go with this soul-shredding, searing, painfully intimate ballad that makes me finally understand why people have ever listened to ballads. I have something in my eye. *sniff*


21. Chairlift – Met Before

Really simple guitar pop, simply done well. Euphoric and infectious with sparkling production.


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