Guess what we make of Skrillex’s “shocking” Burial-style new single!

Skrillex by Michael Nusbaum creative commons

The fans are revolting!

“Where’s the drop?”

“lol wtf NO DROP”

“Skrillex kinda went to s***”



There’s a lot of inclusions of “gay” and “f*ggot” in the comments, which I can only suppose is a factual reference to his sexuality and not bigoted, ignorant slurs bandied about by slack-jawed morons who only type “wtf” because they can’t spell whole words. 

So this new single drops the wubbly bass thing and goes for a straightforward garage sound a la Burial. It’s quite low-key, downbeat and doesn’t really do a whole bunch. It has a pleasant sampled refrain and some tinkly piano-keyboard riffs and sounds a lot like the sort of music you’d hear at some ungodly hour in a club just before kick-out time.

Last time Reinspired covered Skrillex, I was accused of not giving him enough of a chance, or of listening to the wrong songs, or of generally not sticking my neck out in any direction. I won’t make that mistake again.

I have listened to the new single multiple times, and can say without hesitation, conclusively and without a shred of ambiguity that I think it is




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