Uh-oh … Death Grips are up to mischief again

Death Grips eating flowers Come Up And Get Me

So, let’s recap a minute: they leaked their own album, its artwork consisting of an erect, purple member with the title (NO LOVE DEEP WEB) scrawled across its veiny length in felt tipped pen. Then they must have got a bit bored at that point because their new video is nine minutes of silence. The shouty bloke eats some flowers at some point, and generally buggers about a bit, but then …

oh, then

at the 8’45” mark, things get interesting. 

[Caution: strong language from the 8’45” mark – but, duh, it’s Death Grips!]


I love how, in that last section, Stefan “MC Ride” Burnett holds your attention purely through his personal intensity – in exactly the same way that JG Thirlwell did in the Foetus video for Butterfly Potion. Seeing this video reminds me of the “wow” I felt when I first heard No Love Deep Web, even though on balance I prefer The Money Store. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve played No Love Deep Web to death and The Money Store is (to me) shiny and new. Either way, Come Up And Get Me is a brutally wonderful song.


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