More awe-inspiring Skyrim, Morrowind and Oblivion fan art


Freddo just threw me down the rabbit warren that is DeviantArt, where I found these astonishing fan images of our favourite Elder Scrolls games. I’m constantly awed by the infinite variety – the unique interpretations of that spine-tingling world by each artist. Each collection is distinctive, using its own palette and style. The Morrowind ones are particularly evocative, making whole and real that fabulously alien landscape and culture.

The caravan by ~Lelek1980

The group of silt striders is crossing the desert lands of Vvardenfell near the Red Mountain. Some daedric shrine has been left behind. The steam and smoke are bursting out from the bowels of the earth…

In this work I wanted to show Vvardenfell like a something between the Galapagos islands, Iceland and Kamchatka.


Telvanni Tower by lelek1980


(click to enlarge these images – though there’s a larger one still on the DeviantArt page)


The Charge by lelek1980



Traces of Death by *Hieronymus7Z


“In Bravil lies the home of the Lucky Old Lady and a “lucky” Bosmer, and today fortune shines on both… but only one shines back.””…Ungolim, the leader of the Black Hand, the Listener. He routinely visits the Lucky Old Lady statue each night, which is where he receives the list of people to visit that have performed the Night Mother Ritual…”

A scene from the “A Kiss Before Dying” TES IV: Oblivion quest. My entry for a contest held by the and


skyrim by ~killjoySch


KilljoySch vividly portrays the Peter Jackson-style fantasy-verité of Skyrim, the fifth Elder Scrolls game.


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