Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes pic by Steve Gulick

Back when everything was in its proper place and you’d buy a weekly music magazine and find decent things in it, I’d discover bands before their first album. These days, I’m reaching for the thesaurus with a thick grin on my face when I notice the band’s already had three albums out*. You’ve already heard of them. I hadn’t.

Just reading this interview over at The Line of Best Fit and I’m totally struck by this song. It doesn’t sound dated, but it’s exactly the sort of music I loved as a teenager. It has an almost Guns-era Cardiacs approach to melody, at their least tricksy and overblown. It’s pure guitar pop with big, heavy, chunky riffs that wouldn’t be out of place on a Pixies record. It would appeal most, I think, to fans of Future of the Left. It belongs on the heavier end of the 4AD roster.


Oh, there’s more.


This one’s gothic in a Yeah Yeah Yeahs way. This is how indie rock used to sound before that Britpop bollocks.

Blood Red Shoes have a new EP out called Water, but you probably already know that too.


In Time to Voices will be released in March.


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