Evil Dead 2013 new trailer less gory, more scary

Evil Dead Jane Levy

If you haven’t caught the trailer yet for Sam Raimi’s remake of his own Evil Dead, the official “all audiences” greenband trailer has now been released. It’s not wildly different to the last one, which was mature-audiences-only and is locked behind Youtube’s age gate

but has swapped in a few new scenes for the squick-inducing splatter bits from the previous teaser.

I’ll admit that I was sceptical when the new Evil Dead was announced, as a longtime fan of the original trilogy. Raimi’s producing, not directing – this time, Uruguay’s unproven Fede Alvarez is at the helm, granted just $15 million to bring our favourite shoestring masterpiece to those too young to remember it. That tiny budget gives me hope, since the original’s inventiveness sprang out of necessity as Raimi pulled together the original mostly from credit card debt and gaffer tape.

The original had all the shambolic charm of a junior school play, complete with Bruce Campbell’s lousy (but loveable) acting and special effects where you could sometimes literally see the strings. It’s hard to tell whether this one will follow suit, but it has pleasingly retained some references from its predecessor such as the blood-curdling sing-song routine and the tree attack in the woods. The cast, including Suburgatory‘s Jane Levy and Jericho‘s Shiloh Fernandez appear to be a higher calibre of bit-parter than Campbell and his pals, but they’ll have to work hard to appropriate the pantomime-style goodwill of the audience towards the original line-up.

Alvarez is fudgy on whether it’s a sequel or a remake, just as Raimi was on Evil Dead 2. “Ash was stupid enough to go there twice” was one explanation, so at least it’s not without precedent.

From the trailer, Evil Dead looks set to scare and entertain, but we’ll find out in April if it’s worthy of the title. In the meantime, I have the original set of DVDs, my Evil Dead lunchbox, flask, action figures, Lego-style miniatures, bobblehead …

Yes, we’re fans.



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