#musicmonday – Death Grips – Guillotine (It Goes Yah)


Nobody understands my pain.

I mean that literally. I wonder what the other passengers on the bus are thinking – there I am with tears streaming down my face, staring at the tiny screen of my mobile phone. Perhaps they wonder if I’ve just been dumped by text. Maybe they just think I’m crazy. 

I am reading The Hunger Games on its tiny Kindle app, straining to read the miniscule lettering, and hating myself for being so humiliated by it. Oh, the shame! My first impression was how badly it was written – how clumsy its prose and how jarring its grammar – but soon, like practically everyone else, I was suckered in and devastated by its sparky heroine.

Well, enough about that: you need to get on with hearing this song, which I’m going to arbitrarily select from Death Grips because it just seemed to go with my mood. Perhaps I’m a tiny bit obsessed with Death Grips lately, but that’s just because the shifty buggers are so hard to pin down. They tease me on Twitter, ignore me on gmail and won’t let me put them comfortably in a box. Like Katniss, they’re point-blank refusing to play.

Guillotine is a catchy tune from their free-to-download “mixtape”, Exmilitary. The vocal delivery is dextrous, the bassline imperative: you will move. The rather incongruous seatbelt in the video is the only thing holding MC Ride back – you don’t know if he’d escape like an animal or just go floating up in the air.

Gotta love them Youtube comments: “what a s*** beat” (to little more than a click-track). Hey, why stop there? As polka, this totally sucks.


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