#musicmonday : Feathers – Land of the Innocent


Credit where it’s due: I grabbed this from the Guardian‘s New Band of the Day, and it is indeed the best thing I’ve heard all day. I mean, you’ve heard it before: glossy synthpop of the kind Mesh were making a decade ago, and The Human League spun out back before most people were born. Before this lot were born, at any rate.

It’s been done, but not quite to death. I don’t know why it takes me longer to get sick of synthpop than any other genre, but perhaps it’s just because it’s not quite as overdone as, say, punk-pop. Besides, this is catchy and atmospheric. Maybe I’m just nostalgic for the times I danced to stuff like this in goth clubs before some of the kids digging Savages were born, or the times I danced to this stuff at that “Romo” night that Simon Price used to put on in London. Paul Lester remembers. Probably was there. Probably why he picked them out.

They like Depeche Mode and Fad Gadget, apparently. So do I.



One comment on “#musicmonday : Feathers – Land of the Innocent

  1. I like their sound, but I cringe that they are playing at the Speakeasy as it is one of the douchey-est bars in the ATX. Granted it looks like it was for SXSW so bands play everywhere and anywhere they can get a stage.

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