Why Chris Brown’s latest outburst is actually a GOOD thing


So, Chris Brown threatened to shoot Frank Ocean. This after calling him a “f*ggot” and probably punching a few kittens on the way out. Brown paints himself as Jesus. Yes, literally. Ocean, being somewhat closer to sainthood, turns the other cheek.

You might be tut-tutting and muttering the word “terrible”, but all this is rather good if you think about it. 

Because it shows what type of a person Chris Brown really is.

I mean, you knew this, and I knew this, but there were far too many people willing to overlook this.


Apologies for the crassness of republishing this image, but sometimes we just need to be reminded. Because it looks like everybody forgot.

He hospitalised Rihanna in 2009. In 2010, his album went to number 14 in the Billboard Hot 100. His next album debuted at number one in the Billboard 200. In 2013, Rihanna admitted that they were back together. I recall at one point girls on Twitter even saying that if he was their boyfriend, they would let him hit them because he was just so darn cute.

Chris brown fans would let him beat them

Sometimes I despair.

At least he was denied entry to the UK on the grounds that he was “guilty of a serious criminal offence”.

Because it is serious.

All the he-loves-me-really bulls*** and the he’s-a-nice-guy-really bulls*** just doesn’t wash with me because it just feels like he’s being let off the hook because he’s a celebrity. I felt genuinely nauseated when they started handing out Grammys to someone who should have been in jail.

Little kids look up to this guy.

So you have to wonder just how many terrible, cruel things he would have to do to stop people worshipping him. Do you think we’ve finally reached that point? That people are sick to death of him and just want him to slink back into whatever hole he crawled from and never bother anyone again? Because that, at last, would be a Good Thing.

No, we don’t need witch hunts or moral panics, but we do need – and I sound terribly old here – standards. We need lines in the sand where we say “I cannot admire someone who behaves this way”. We have to stand up and say “I do not endorse this behaviour”, because if you don’t then you make it OK, and beating your girlfriend and calling someone hateful names and threatening to shoot them is never OK.

I’m not calling for him to be burnt at the stake or banned or thrown into a burning pit, but I am calling for people to stop giving him awards and holding him up as a role model. Do you think, finally, we can manage that?


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