Reinspired to close at end of March

year in statuses 2011

It’s been an interesting three years.

I wrote my first post for Reinspired on 30 March 2010 because I was so consumed with enthusiasm that I thought I might actually explode if I didn’t get the words out. I felt like a passive vessel for the words to just spill out of me.

These days, the feeling is more of obligation than inspiration. I committed myself to updating this site every day, so I try to post every day, even if I have nothing much to write about. Where three years ago, the posts were driven by the need to share about that awe-inspiring album I’d heard, now I spend hours trawling through streaming sites trying to find something worthy of mention.

I’ve heard a lot of great albums in that time, and I’m still thrilled and moved by the music I hear, but I don’t feel like I’m really engaging with the music properly any more. In my rush to have something new to bring to you every day, I don’t have time to play things 20 or 30 times, so too many records gather dust as soon as the review post is published. I promised Thinking Plague that I’d give Decline and Fall a decent listen, but when?

Don’t even get me started on gaming. You know, I’ve never even reached the University in Oblivion? I’ve failed to finish Dishonored, still haven’t touched Batman: Arkham City and my copy of The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is still in its cellophane wrapping.

This is all wrong.

I need to stop writing about it and start doing it. My hobby time is now so rare and precious (I’ve had to pause typing this several times to attend to my baby daughter) that I can’t afford to waste it on what feels like a second job. I need to start having fun again. I need to spend time with my amazing husband and my adorable little girl.

I need to catch up with the rest of season 4 of Breaking Bad (before I even think about season 5).

So, Reinspired will run until 30 March so it has a nice, clean, full three years. It’s been a good run and I’ve met some wonderful people and found out some very interesting things and I’m really glad for the opportunities it’s given me. I’m grateful to Everett True for inviting me to join Collapse Board, and I’m grateful to Brainwashed for their hospitality and I’m grateful to JG Thirlwell for making me fall in love with music again. I’m grateful to a lot of people for a lot of things.

I’ll be here for the next few weeks, and after that I’ll be on Tumblr and on Twitter and generally around …

finding my inspiration.


2 comments on “Reinspired to close at end of March

  1. Best wishes on being more active in RL. Blogs can be such an anchor sometimes. I often wondered how people can post everyday. You are an inspiration as always!

  2. I don’t know how I missed this! Thanks for all the reading material, Jo! Can’t say I’ve fully recovered from the discontinuation from your last site, but it’s been wonderful reading your thoughts, as always!

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