Thom Yorke is dancing again (plus some other classic crazy dancing in rock)

Thom Yorke dancing Atoms For Peace Ingenue video

Here is Thom Yorke dancing again in Atoms For Peace’s new video, Ingenue


I don’t think the Radiohead frontman can quite claim the throne of most eccentric dancer ever, though. In that respect, he has competition.

1. The Blue Aeroplanes

There was a phase in the late 1980s when bands had dancers. Not go-go dancers like pop bands, but ordinary blokes who seemed to have no other role in the band but to fill up the stage. Jacket Hangs was a competent song, but surely wouldn’t have stuck in the mind if you hadn’t spent the entire duration of the video staring at Wojtek Dmochowski, wondering what the f*** is he doing?


2. The Happy Mondays

The original and best indie dancer. Fun fact: at my first job, one of my colleagues would steal my lunchbox and refuse to give it back until I did the Bez dance. To this day, I have no idea why.


3. Bat For Lashes

Natasha Khan got herself some dancing lessons, and now puts her new skill to use as often as possible – such as in this promo for her new single, Lilies. It’s a great video, by the way – comes over as a cross between Labyrinth and Where The Wild Things Are.


4. PSY



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