Goat edition supercut (and other stuff that made me laugh out loud today)

I should not be laughing my ass (goat … sheep …) off quite so hard at this, but bloody hell.

The Taylor Swift one alone has had me giggling like a loon all day. 

I’m still giggling while reading the Devastatingly Accurate Movie Reviews list at Buzzfeed.

Sunshine review


Also, this

jaws synopsis


Less of the funny, but did you know that Shaggy Doo’s real name is Norville Rogers? Or that Barbie’s real name is Barbara Millicent Rogers?


Someone tried to stump this squid by putting it against a background its camouflage could not possibly match. So it turned itself transparent. Go squid!

Stick it to the man squid


Finally, these snails by Vyacheslav Mishchenko aren’t so much “funny” as adorable.

Vyacheslav Mishchenko snails


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