#musicmonday : Guapo – Tremors From the Future

Guapo press photo nicked from MySpace

I had the weirdest dream that I interviewed Kavus Torabi. I’ve known him since I was 16, but we lost touch for many years. In my dream, he told me everything I’d missed – a tale by turns witty and warm, touching and inspiring – and I woke up with a profound understanding, not just of my candyfloss-haired pal but of life and our place in the universe.

Course, I’ve forgotten it all now, but it was a magical dream.

I’ll confess I haven’t heard all of Kavus’s new album yet, but the bits I’ve heard have been suitably enchanting. Guapo are undoubtedly well known to fans of prog and RIO, but to sonic dabblers like me, they’re best described as engaging earfood for those who like their psychedelia on the right side of hummable.

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