Top 100 singles of all time: 58 – Toto Coelo – I Eat Cannibals (and other oddities)

toto coelo i eat cannibals

I’m going to have to start skipping these, several at a time, because there’s just no time to fit them all in before this blog closes. I do want to mention this one, though, because it holds a particular charm for me: when I was little, my sister convinced me that there was a family of cannibals living down the road, singing this song by way of illustration. 

It’s a great song.

Intriguingly, the song’s actual title is I Eat Cannibals Part 1, which suggests that there was a Part 2 somewhere (on the B-side, apparently). It reached number 8 in the UK singles chart in 1982 and was Toto Coelo’s only hit.


Also on my favourites list at number 54 is Will To Fail by Katie Lee, a no-hit wonder. I only heard it because I used to while away my Saturday mornings at the local indie record store in Brighton, and the bloke behind the counter (I think he was the one from Arthur) stuck it on a mixtape for me. It was from a compilation called Songs of Couch and Consultation. I fell in love with it instantly.


A quick search shows that, after Katie tired of becoming the wry emblem of student apathy, she became an impassioned environmentalist.

Finally, since we’re discussing no-hit-wonders, Lydia Lunch could claim the crown of all that. Not that it’s surprising, really, given the confrontational nature of her work, but she does have a high profile for someone unlikely to appear on any Top of the Pops specials.

Spooky (number 53 on my list) is a cover of the Classics IV song, who had a hit with their version in 1968. It only got to number 46 in the UK charts, though. We don’t want to frighten anyone.


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