10 most popular posts of the past 90 days


1. Skyrim – Constructive criticism at its best

People are usually unable to express their opinions without coming across like toddlers stamping their pudgy little legs and screaming, “But I want …”

2. First impressions: Arx Fatalis

I’m not very good at wielding a bone. Hell, I’m not even good at throwing them for dogs. 

3. Red hot: 25 carrot-haired cuties

I had a lengthy conversation with the man who worked in the video shop in Deptford once about our strangest film star crushes. Mine was Prince Adam, AKA “Beast”, whereas he had a thing for Pocahontas.

4. Liar Liar

It’s not quite as funny as Dumb & Dumber, but still has plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

5. First impressions: My Bloody Valentine – MBV

Some of this music is bloody fierce, an inferno of guitars, ostinato riffs and train-wreck rhythms.

6. Tamriel Rebuilt for Morrowind’s huge new update

Their achievement is outstanding – a fan-made expansion that’s now bigger than the (huge) game itself.

7. 30 day song challenge: day 03 – a song that makes you happy

There’s something almost shocking about the earnestness of these old clips.

8. 10 sexiest nerds

Wow, you guys really like looking at sexy people!

9. Hearthfire vs Build Your Own Home

I wondered how Skyrim‘s Hearthfire DLC would hold off against the popular fan-made game addition, Build Your Own Home, so I played the former on the Xbox and the latter on the PC to see how they’d compare.

10. How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

Like America’s Sweethearts, it gently nibbles rather than taking vicious bites, but does highlight the relationship between hacks and publicists: the former as grovelling sycophants, the latter as kingmakers.


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