About Princess Stomper

Princess Stomper has written, under various guises, for a range of titles including Rock Sound, Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Collapse Board and Brainwashed. She lives with her husband and daughter in the English countryside and works in a marketing department.

I used to write about music for money. That didn’t work out so well: people pay you for something, they start to want an input into what you say. It’s not like I was reluctant to give bad reviews, but hated having to listen to music I didn’t like. I guess I was never really cut out to be a critic. After a few years, I lost all the love I ever had for music. I quit my band, my job, and left the city where I lived.

Nine years later, a random tweet about Foetus reminded me to listen once again to an album I loved, and a review convinced me to buy the last two albums. All at once, all the passion and enthusiasm I’d ever had returned to me: I was reinspired.

I realised I love music – and games, television and movies – and I love writing. I don’t even choose to write; it’s just something that I’ve always done. So I’ll do it now, on my own terms.  Write only about the things I love, purely for pleasure, just because I have to.

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10 comments on “About Princess Stomper

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  2. I totally relate to what you say: “after a few years I lost all the love I had for music”.
    I know exactly how you felt.

    Raymond Watts.

  3. love your collapse board piece “How I lost my love for music (and how I found it again)” never really fell out of love with music myself,then again i am not a writer getting sent stuff,and having to wade through a load of stuff i don,t like.I am just a music obsessive constantly searching for the new fix,and i always find it somewhere!and always loved Foetus!great article.

    • Thanks – and yes, though I do get regular emails tipping me off about new releases, I don’t have the crushing weight of piles of crap records to wade through, so I’m enjoying the experience much more these days. Glad you liked the article.

  4. Damn. I mean, Damn. I stumbled across this while listening to , and I’ve felt the same way. Left my bands, the label I ran, festivals, concerts, radio shows… good to know it can come back. Great writing. Thanks.

  5. Yep, as with the above comments – been through same thing a few times – stopped making music after many albums, stopped writing about music, stopped running my record label and radioshows and nightclub events; several times now… but it comes back when time is right – like when you hear/see/feel something again that’s alive, wild and a bit crazy – to be reinspired! 😉

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