The incredibly lifelike celebrity lookalike dolls of Noel Cruz

I have a wobbly headed Legolas doll in a box somewhere, an Evil Dead Ash and a few other bits and pieces stored away. I love merchandise, and always wanted Spaceballs: The Flamethrower as a kid. What I love less is how little these toys for grown-ups tend to resemble the characters that inspired them. I mean, they usually look like this:

Yeah, apparently that’s supposed to be Edward from Twilight. I doubt you’d get that if it wasn’t explained.  Noel Cruz‘s version, by contrast … well, that looks a little more like Robert Pattinson.  And by a little, I mean a lot. Continue reading

Design The Worst Band Shirt Ever – The 31 Finalists

shirts-DanMcFarland-kelly clarkson-obama

And we’re back. Well, sort of. Still have a ton of software to install and things to update and whatnot. It’s my birthday today, so my grand plan is to kick back with a glass of wine and watch The Vampire Diaries (OMG! Elena!). Meanwhile, because I care (see my care face!), I’ll leave you with this funny post from Low Times listing some of the more stupid ideas for band t-shirts.  Continue reading

Regretsy, and really bad art (plus some good art)

I’m not an art fan. I mean, I can be dragged into a gallery and spend hours admiring the pretty pictures, but 99.999% of the time I’ll look at a picture or sculpture and think, “Wow, that really sucks.”

A lot of the problem is the cynicism that seems to have crept into the industry over the years – people buy the pictures on their walls from IKEA and the Argos catalogue, and people paint what Argos want to put in their catalogue – but I suppose that’s no different from music or film: most of it’s ultimately rather crap.

That’s probably why I find fan art so utterly charming. There’s an earnestness about it because people are so inspired by what they’re evoking that they just want to express their absolute devotion to it.

"Good art": Mograine: Retribution by Maya Brisa

[caution: NSFW after the jump] Continue reading