Most horrifying fan art ever

Nicolas Cage Jurassic Park t-rex dinosaur

This made me laugh a lot. See, I can sympathise. My own attempts at fan art have suffered a little in the execution. For example Continue reading

“What if …?” anachronistic movie posters

The Hangover anachronistic film poster by Peter Stults

Peter Stults has some pretty interesting artwork on his blog:

Many of these posters can be purchased at
A while back a friend of mine forwarded me a site ( where artist Sean Hartter made posters of films that, title wise, we were familiar with, but there was a slight difference; they were remade as if they belonged to a different era or a different genre, the name of the movie was there, but the actors were different, the style was different, and I loved the concept. So I went forward with this theme; what if movies we were all familiar with were made in a different slice of time? Who would be in it? Who would direct it? So here we are…

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More awe-inspiring Skyrim, Morrowind and Oblivion fan art


Freddo just threw me down the rabbit warren that is DeviantArt, where I found these astonishing fan images of our favourite Elder Scrolls games. I’m constantly awed by the infinite variety – the unique interpretations of that spine-tingling world by each artist. Each collection is distinctive, using its own palette and style. The Morrowind ones are particularly evocative, making whole and real that fabulously alien landscape and culture.

The caravan by ~Lelek1980

The group of silt striders is crossing the desert lands of Vvardenfell near the Red Mountain. Some daedric shrine has been left behind. The steam and smoke are bursting out from the bowels of the earth…

In this work I wanted to show Vvardenfell like a something between the Galapagos islands, Iceland and Kamchatka.

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Design The Worst Band Shirt Ever – The 31 Finalists

shirts-DanMcFarland-kelly clarkson-obama

And we’re back. Well, sort of. Still have a ton of software to install and things to update and whatnot. It’s my birthday today, so my grand plan is to kick back with a glass of wine and watch The Vampire Diaries (OMG! Elena!). Meanwhile, because I care (see my care face!), I’ll leave you with this funny post from Low Times listing some of the more stupid ideas for band t-shirts.  Continue reading

Fan video: Snapline – She

Vimeo user S. Dummy has made a really nice “unofficial video” for the new single from Beijing-based Snapline. It uses clips from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to great effect: the combination of haunting images and repetitive music (Factory Floor, Joy Division) is very hypnotic. Spawned as a side-project of Carsick Cars, Snapline are one of China’s fastest-rising bands. Their first album was recorded in just two days with producer Martin Atkins, who also put together a split 7″ with Pigface a few years ago.  Continue reading

Sounds of Skyrim – Flash! Bang! Dubstep Remix

OK, so the music’s a little dubious. A lot dubious. But you have to admit it’s clever – every sound comes from within the game. A Skyrim fan has compiled and mixed sounds from the game to create a “dubstep” (sort of brosteppy-trancy thing) tune.

It’s a fun video and should raise a smile.  Continue reading

Nerdgasm alert! Brilliant fan-made BioShock film as real movie goes on hiatus

When Gore Verbinski dropped directing duties for the BioShock movie citing the R-rating’s likely effect on ticket sales, dreams of a film that would actually do justice to the game diminished. Now that even the 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has fled, the sub-marine dystopia is dead in the water. The BioShock film is officially on hold.

Fresnadillo told The Playlist, “To be honest, by now, I’m completely out of that, and developing other stuff. Right now it’s on hold. The studio and the video game company, they have to reach some kind of agreement about the budget and the rating.” Continue reading

Horse Armor confirmed for Skyrim

Well, someone had to do it. In this case, it was Daunted over at DeviantArt. It’s the sort of fun knick-knack that I’d buy if I was anywhere near a Forbidden Planet that sold them – but something tells me this isn’t about to go into mass production any time soon.

You know, I’d actually welcome horse armour for Skyrim – I’ve got through four horses already, each chomped by various ravenous beasties. Maybe that’s a deliberate ploy to encourage us either to walk everywhere or fork out for overpriced DLC. *evil laugh*

Skyrim: constructive criticism at its best

According to vgchartz, over 3.4 million copies of Skyrim have sold in just two days, and that excludes digital. Steam reported recently that nearly 250,000 of its members were playing the game on the day of release. Skyrim, which has now shipped 7 million copies, is selling faster than Battlefield 3 and eclipsed only by Modern Warfare 3. The game is huge – and deservedly so. While I’m not going to give away too many thoughts about it before completing the main quest, the game is pretty much perfect.

But it isn’t flawless.

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