Top 100 singles of all time: 46 – Metallica – Master of Puppets (and The Carpenters)

metallica master of puppets

I was far too old when I heard this; long past the age when it should have been part of my soul. I should have heard this growing up, letting its searing riffs embed themselves deep into my adolescent psyche; its heart-rending, tear-inducingly beautiful solo entwining itself with my memories like roses in a trellis.

As it is, I only heard this a few years ago and thought, “F*** me, it’s pretty.”  It is pretty. Its central section ranks alongside Comfortably Numb and Hangar 18 as the most lovely thing you can reasonably do with a guitar. Continue reading

Top 100 singles of all time: 58 – Toto Coelo – I Eat Cannibals (and other oddities)

toto coelo i eat cannibals

I’m going to have to start skipping these, several at a time, because there’s just no time to fit them all in before this blog closes. I do want to mention this one, though, because it holds a particular charm for me: when I was little, my sister convinced me that there was a family of cannibals living down the road, singing this song by way of illustration.  Continue reading

#musicmonday : Guapo – Tremors From the Future

Guapo press photo nicked from MySpace

I had the weirdest dream that I interviewed Kavus Torabi. I’ve known him since I was 16, but we lost touch for many years. In my dream, he told me everything I’d missed – a tale by turns witty and warm, touching and inspiring – and I woke up with a profound understanding, not just of my candyfloss-haired pal but of life and our place in the universe.
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David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

David-Bowie by Rik Walton CC-BY-SA

I’m still sick, lying in bed, catching up. I went to work today, but was too tired to wait for a bus, so I cabbed it from the station. The kind of tired where I forgot the name of my road for a moment. The tired where I tripped getting out, grazing my knee and ruining my beloved shoes.

Luckily the Bowie song I’ve been putting off hearing in case it’s crap turns out to be good.
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#musicmonday : Nick Cave and the Stool Pigeon’s guide to music journalism


Bugger! Is that the time already? Sorry, I have been too busy laughing my assorted menagerie off at this piece from The Stool Pigeon someone’s just passed to me:

Bastard lovechild — Is sex out of wedlock still considered edgy? So why would anyone still be writing that albums ‘sound like the bastard lovechild of X and Y musicians’? I mean, there’s a good chance your parents hadn’t gotten round to tying the knot by the time you were conceived. But so what? It doesn’t make you a latter-day Edmund from King Lear. Hell, it doesn’t even make you Jon Snow off Game Of Thrones. And he’s f***ing boring.

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