My Daguerrotype Boyfriend has a calendar: Where early photography meets extreme hotness


My Daguerrotype Boyfriend is a Tumblr blog dedicated to old photographs where the subject is, well, kinda hot. Its collection dates back to the earliest types of photography, along with trivia about the subjects of each picture. Continue reading

10 ways to totally make your day

I’ve had a great day. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a great day, too.

1. Sugar and spice and all things nice

You might recall my campaign to Starbucks from a couple of years back? It seems to have paid off (Yes, I credit my three stupid emails for their national change-of-heart): today, I bought my first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Worth the wait.  Continue reading

Barry M Magnetic

I’m probably a little behind the times on this, but it’s what is inspiring me today. I wanted to wear this season’s navy nails and give a subtle nod to the nail art trend, so I bought this blue magnetic by Barry M. It’s a real learning curve (“why are your nails all gothy?” asked Him Indoors) and my nails are nowhere near as neat and defined as in this pic, but I aim to keep trying until I get it right.

This is a pretty useful blog about it, if nails are your thing.

A tale of two websites

Two cell phones by Ben Schumin via Zach Vega Wikipedia

Vodafone just lost thousands by refusing a £10 refund.

I estimate that I’d spend around £2,000 in 10 years – assuming 3% inflation – on mobile phone costs if I stuck with my current habit of topping up £10 each month and buying an £80 handset every two years (I hope my maths is right). I’m returning to work after maternity leave next month, during which I hardly used my phone, so it was a surprise when I couldn’t top up online. I’d done so many times before, but after updating my credit card details following a routine expiry, it suddenly didn’t work any more.  This was Friday. Continue reading

Fancy Tat

It’s only 19 days until the Royal Wedding, and for months now the loyal subjects of the United Kingdom have been in a royal tizz. It’s the moment when “Prince Charming”, AKA Wills, finally makes an honest woman of Waity Katie, so what better way to mark the occasion than with a commemorative refrigerator?

Royal-themed refrigerator from GDHA

It’s like Britain is enjoying a cosmic-scale comeuppance for every smug “only in America” list we’ve ever published. Drive-thru weddings have nothing on this sorry display of horrors. Every German moustache-grower on the long-running Eurotrash can enjoy a collective sense of schadenfreude at this motley collection of taste-free tat as the few of us with any sense of decorum must witness these proceedings with the utmost national shame. I mean, garden gnomes?

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Things That Look Like Things

Just taking a break from all that gaming to do some Christmas shopping, and I love these:

Rebel Swap Watch
£189.00 from IWOOT

“The Rebel Swap Watch is not only a watch, but a mobile phone (with Bluetooth), a camera, a video player/recorder and MP3 player.”

It’s the Pip-Boy from Fallout!

Etch A Sketch iPad Case
£29.99 from IWOOT

Some clever person has realised that the Etch A Sketch is, in fact, a perfect fit for the iPad, and has basically jammed them together in the form of this ridiculously cool-looking case.

Shame I don’t actually know anyone in the UK who has an iPad. I mean, they are rather silly, but that fully-licensed replica case is cool!

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous: The Foundation Faker
£18.27 from Debenhams

Play up your very best skin with Benefit some kind-a gorgeous… our oil-free “invisible skin finish” that will send your complexion to the top-of-the-charts.

A 3-in-1 compact that looks like a vinyl record! Continue reading