15 of your favourite people … as ZOMBIES!

Sarah Michelle Gellar by David Shankbone - zombiefied

I don’t give much of a crap what Kim Kardashian looks like as a zombie, but Sarah Michelle Gellar is another matter. Those nice people at The Walking Dead have put online an app that allows you to to turn yourself into a shambling flesh-eater. Buzzfeed had a little fun with your mainstream celebrities, but I figured it would be much more fun to put the likes of Grimes and Bat For Lashes and the cast of Doctor Who through the zombie-making machine … Continue reading

Top 50 songs of 2012: 10 to 1


10. Buke & Gase – Misshaping Introduction

Buke & Gase have more potential than any act I’ve heard all year. Their last album was startling, if not quite classic; their next should dispel all doubts.

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Lamenting the impossibility of narrowing down the best tracks of the year


If I’ve gone quiet, it’s because I’m trying to create a Spotify playlist of my top 50 tracks of the year. Trouble is, there have been so many songs in 2012 that I’ve enjoyed that narrowing it down is simply impossible. Just to take the acts I’m really struggling with, which is the best Bat For Lashes song out of this  Continue reading

First impressions: Bat For Lashes – The Haunted Man

This is so intimate you can almost feel her breath upon your skin. It’s still got a groove to it, though. The soaring-vocal-female-electropop market is fairly saturated at the moment, so Nathasha Khan has her work cut out to stand out: if appearing naked on the album cover would grab your attention, the music itself needs to hold it as firmly as she grips the unidentified chap on her shoulder. It does so surprisingly well for something so pared down and unfussy.  Continue reading