10 Most popular posts of 2012


These are the most popular posts published in the past 12 months

1 Is it OK to think Skrillex is OK?

I didn’t put too much thought or time into an offhand musing as to the relative merits (or otherwise) of the wub-wub guy, so I was surprised by its popularity. Did the post’s 63,000 readers join Team Love or Team Hate?   Continue reading

5 of the best Literal Videos

Unlike misheard lyrics, Literal Videos are cover versions of songs with the lyrics changed to match the action in the video. Youtube user DASjr Productions has uploaded some absolutely hilarious examples, and others have followed suit. Here are my favourite videos by DASjr, which had me giggling like a lunatic yesterday. The Bonnie Tyler and Nirvana ones are way funnier than the others, but I got a smile from all of them. The “cat frame” is to avoid the videos being blocked on copyright grounds (which rather undermines the fair use/parody idea).

Total Eclipse of the Heart
“I’m swaying side to side / these dancers need to stop / the gayest man on earth would call this over the top”

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10 Great hip-hop songs from my youth

Monie Love

I wanted to make a positive out of a negative. Wallace Wylie’s column over at Collapse Board about hateful, ultra-misogynistic rap made me wistful for the gentler hip-hop tunes I loved as a kid.

I was never much of a rap fan, but of course there were plenty of tracks I liked. Gangsta rap has never appealed: despite my pretensions, I’m not really middle class. I didn’t grow up in the ghetto – and of course I’m white and British – but you have to be very comfortably removed from crime and poverty for it to seem glamorous, or so entrenched in it that you don’t even think about getting out.

The rap songs I liked growing up were about regular, everyday stuff I could identify with: love, relationships and loud music. Continue reading