Brink: new trailer

Most gamers love Splash Damage for the distinctive styles of their games – who could forget tense WWII shooter Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or alien warfare Quake Wars?

Me, I love the memorable quotes the characters say – “Fire in ze horl” (in comedy German accent) from ET and “Enemy disguised as … me!” (Quake Wars).

I wonder what I’ll be quoting from Brink – though from this trailer it looks like I’ll be saying “Good job, engineer!” every time Him Indoors fixes something around the house.


Pikimal just published the following screenshot of Bethesda’s booth at PAX. I felt a flutter of excitement for Fallout: New Vegas, which promises to be excellent, and tinier pangs of glee for Rage and Brink.

Hype is fun!

Bethesda booth at PAX from Pikimal

Bethesda booth at PAX from Pikimal