5 things to cheer you up

vibrating tortoise

Oh, come here and give me a hug! Right. Now let’s instill some cheer with some of the more heartwarming items circulating on the internet right now.

1. Sick tortoise saved with sex toy

A severely constipated tortoise, who had eaten the stones in the bottom of his tank, has recovered after a vibrator was strapped to the underside of its shell. The notoriously difficult-to-care-for pets sometimes eat their bedding when they are bored, hungry or thirsty.  Continue reading

10 ways to totally make your day

I’ve had a great day. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a great day, too.

1. Sugar and spice and all things nice

You might recall my campaign to Starbucks from a couple of years back? It seems to have paid off (Yes, I credit my three stupid emails for their national change-of-heart): today, I bought my first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Worth the wait.  Continue reading

I learned something today!

As the remnants of Hurricane Katia hit the UK a couple of days back, the high winds made me lose my balance. I managed to stop myself tripping over, but not before sending a jolt down my spine which slowly got worse through yesterday and ended up confining me to bed for most of the past 24 hours. I’m up for a little while (or I’ll never sleep tonight) but I can’t sit still for too long or my back will just seize up (again!). Therefore, today’s blog post will just be Buzzfeed’s fascinating list of random facts from Today I Learned threads on Reddit.

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#musicmonday: The Monsoon Bassoon and No Doubt

I couldn’t choose between two songs for Music Monday, so sod it! We’re going to have both!

We’ll start with the poky little venue in London. Probably Camden. Seeing some little band you go along to because your mate’s in it and then being completely blown away. I was given a demo cassette with three or four tracks on it. It was produced by Tim Smith of Cardiacs. It had this on it. They got the NME‘s Single of the Week with this song – and for two others, as well. Three SOTWs for three consecutive singles.

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Sax appeal

I had a dream last night in which my friend Matt bought me an oboe. I was distinctly told it was an oboe, though in recollection it looked more like a clarinet. He seemed terribly pleased with himself, and I gamely tried to learn how to play it, knowing all the while that – like whistling – the best I can achieve from any wind instrument is a vague “phoo” sound. Thus, it’s pretty lucky that I never fell in love with the saxophone.

Most of the world fell out of love with the saxophone in the 90s, and it’s taken 20 years for the new Summer of Sax to appear.

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