Most horrifying fan art ever

Nicolas Cage Jurassic Park t-rex dinosaur

This made me laugh a lot. See, I can sympathise. My own attempts at fan art have suffered a little in the execution. For example Continue reading

Why Chris Brown’s latest outburst is actually a GOOD thing


So, Chris Brown threatened to shoot Frank Ocean. This after calling him a “f*ggot” and probably punching a few kittens on the way out. Brown paints himself as Jesus. Yes, literally. Ocean, being somewhat closer to sainthood, turns the other cheek.

You might be tut-tutting and muttering the word “terrible”, but all this is rather good if you think about it.  Continue reading

15 of your favourite people … as ZOMBIES!

Sarah Michelle Gellar by David Shankbone - zombiefied

I don’t give much of a crap what Kim Kardashian looks like as a zombie, but Sarah Michelle Gellar is another matter. Those nice people at The Walking Dead have put online an app that allows you to to turn yourself into a shambling flesh-eater. Buzzfeed had a little fun with your mainstream celebrities, but I figured it would be much more fun to put the likes of Grimes and Bat For Lashes and the cast of Doctor Who through the zombie-making machine … Continue reading