How Twitter works (and why you need to know about it)


Following yesterday’s post, I had quite an interesting conversation with someone from the didn’t-retweet band. What transpired over the course of the discussion was that, by the band’s own admission, they didn’t really understand how Twitter worked. More to the point, I got the feeling that the label didn’t really understand the medium, either. Social media have come so far in eclipsing websites and emails that is very worrying if anyone along the chain isn’t engaging with it properly, so I’m listing my response here (redacting names) in the hope that it would be helpful to anyone else who doesn’t really “get”  how it works. Continue reading

Chloe Howl – the best new things in pop are free

Chloe Howl src Facebook

With only 11 days left to go on this blog, it’s great to find an exciting new discovery. Chlöe Howl is the new Lily Allen when we didn’t even know the old one needed replacing. (Hey, don’t worry, Lily, we still love you.)

Chlöe has that same streetwise sneer, the witty lyrics, the edge of disdain. She drops her Ts in all the right places. She has a voice that sounds like cheap whiskey and borrowed cigarettes and getting the last bus home. She has the effortless beauty of the immaculately styled – you can imagine her surrounded by executives yelping, “We can SELL this!” – but she’s worth buying into. Actually, you don’t even have to – the EP is downloadable for free.  Continue reading