Why Chris Brown’s latest outburst is actually a GOOD thing


So, Chris Brown threatened to shoot Frank Ocean. This after calling him a “f*ggot” and probably punching a few kittens on the way out. Brown paints himself as Jesus. Yes, literally. Ocean, being somewhat closer to sainthood, turns the other cheek.

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Azealia Banks and Perez Hilton are amateurs: wittiest celebrity insults of all time

Jumping the shark? Azealia Banks

So Azealia Banks apologised to her gay fans after calling Perez Hilton a “f*ggot” and telling him to kill himself, because that was a jaw-droppingly stupid thing to do. The ugly spat arose because he sided with her rival, Angel Haze, a couple of days after Ms Haze posted a diss track about Ms Banks, to which she retaliated in kind.

[Caution: all links contain strong language]

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30 day song challenge: day 12 – a song from a band you hate

You know what I really hate? Lots of things, really – that’s why I tend to blog about things I love, because there’s just too much crap in the world. I used to get sent dozens of CDs per month to review, and a good 80% of those were absolute bobbins. Do you have any idea how depressing that is? We got to the point where we’d whip the CDs out of the player and throw them hard against the wall to see if they’d break – partly from frustration, and partly to make sure that no other poor bugger had to suffer the misfortune of listening to that putrid bilge.

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