What is Grimes doing? Plus 6 more what-the-f*** videos

Grimes Genesis video still

Grimes has a new video out. It made me think of some other bafflingly weird music videos.

Grimes – Genesis

Is this supposed to be some sort of Mad Max thing? Why is there a cybergimp (Brooke Candy) prancing about looking high? You’re not going all goth on us, now, are you, Claire?

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First impressions: Grimes – Visions

I’m with Wallace Wylie on this: Visions is a very frustrating album. It has some great songs – Symphonia IX and Oblivion for two – but it does tend towards the K-Pop. It’s that kind of saccharine, twee kitsch that sounds like a musical incarnation of that new My Little Pony TV series: everyone says it’s “awesome” when really it’s just “not bad”.  Continue reading