The Age of Clank: Why Genres are Important

Written for Collapse Board

A few weeks ago, Chris Razor wrote about clank – a new genre title he’d coined, and I was grateful, because I’d been trying to think of a word for it for ages. I was getting fed up of saying “experimental electronica”, because that makes it sound like it sounds more like this and it doesn’t. Instead, it sounds like this.



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Coal Chamber feat Ozzy – Shock The Monkey

If we celebrated Thanksgiving in England, I’d be thankful for Him Indoors. I try not to gush – generally settling for one notch above indifference – but I’m really quite keen on the guy.

I arrived home a couple of days back to see him excitedly pointing in the direction of the kitchen. “Did you look on top of the fridge?”
I looked. There was a toy monkey that came free with PG Tips tea bags.
“You could pay four pounds and get the tea bags or you could pay four pounds and get the tea bags and the monkey!” He looked very pleased with himself.
“Oh, I was going to get you the monkey, but I figured that at 37 you’re a bit old for a monkey.
He stared at me incredulously. “Why would I not want a monkey!”

So, this goes out to Him Indoors. It’s not an amazing cover, but it’s the only thing by Coal Chamber that’s ever made me want to sing along, and it’s pretty damned catchy. Ozzy Osbourne provides guest vocals, and it’s a cover of a Peter Gabriel song.