Why you are secretly as prejudiced as Donna Summer

I almost said something. Almost. Just stopped myself at the last minute. When I read that Donna Summer had died, I very nearly mentioned the whole controversy regarding alleged homophobic remarks she’d once said but decided against it. The woman was dead, her voice silenced forever. Inevitably, though, Scott Creney took her to task on the issue over on Collapse Board. Don’t get involved, don’t step in … too late. “But someone is wrong on the internet!

My fingers made the decision before I did. “It didn’t happen. Like the bit about Mariah Carey wishing she could be skinny like those starving children in Africa, it’s just something someone made up that caught hold.” I present evidence, they present evidence, all of it from both sides he-said-she-said with no real proof of anything. But none of that matters, does it? (What do you want me to do? LEAVE? But then they’ll keep being wrong!”) Because ultimately it’s not about what Donna Summer supposedly said at allContinue reading