Top 50 songs of 2012: 40-31


In no particular order …

40. Conor Maynard – Can’t Say No

The pared-down bass riff weaves as indelible a spell as Azealia’s 212. Conor Maynard’s Timberlake-esque confection was one of the pop treats of the year.

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Conor Maynard – and why I’m obviously a secret sexist

conor maynard

I’m obviously some sort of hypocrite, because I’m so embarrassed about liking this that I’d definitely file this under “guilty pleasure” and shouldn’t really admit to it at all. But why? If it was a girl singing it, I’d be quite proud of enjoying it. I mean, I’ve featured Nicola Roberts, Madonna and the Sugababes on here enough times – it’s not like I’ve never confessed to enjoying pop. I just only – exclusively – like pop sung by women, and feel so out of my depth when boys do it that I instinctively run in the other direction. Maybe it’s because there’s something inherently wussy about pop. It’s OK if you’re flamboyantly gay, but for the straight man, it’s insipid and not a little pathetic. Wait. I did make an exception for Enrique Iglesias, but that was one single, 10 years ago.  Continue reading