Top 50 songs of 2012: 20-11

Grimes Genesis video still

20. Lanie Lane – Oh Well, That’s What You Get Falling In Love With A Cowboy

This was released in some places last year, but is listed on Wikipedia as 2012 so I’ll claim it as one of this year’s best. Lanie’s Australian, but this is America as a Wild West theme park, as curated by David Lynch.

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Beck, Tyondai Braxton, Dan Deacon etc remix Philip Glass

beck and philip glass from npr via the artists

Just listening to this at NPR: Beck remixes NYC: 73-78 by Philip Glass. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Philip Glass is one of those composers I’d never bothered to listen to until a year or two ago and now I’m realising just how much I missed out. There’s so much to delve into and all of it magical. This 20-minute remix contains snippets from more than 20 Glass songs (yes, there are vocals here), including bits from The Hours soundtrack, Monsters of Grace and In The Upper RoomContinue reading

First impressions: Dan Deacon – America

Dan Deacon - America

Oh, this is f***ing beautiful. The phrase “cathedrals of sound” was so wasted on those insipid indie boys. This is playful, exultant, a rhythmic orgasm. It sounds how being tickled feels – breathless, delirious and a little bit dangerous. This is just USA II: The Great American Desert – I’ll get to the rest in a minute.

Battles’ percussive mantras, Sufjan Stevens’ orchestral bombast, Air’s lightness of touch and Necessary’s slinky grooves. There are vocals here, which I didn’t really expect. I’ve not heard anything by Deacon before (I know!) so I can’t compare this to prior outings. The Guardian reckons he’s singing his outrage at US foreign policy, but it all sounds like cotton wool and bunnies from where I am. Continue reading