The first song I can remember dancing to

Everett True brought back some memories with his recollection of the first song he can remember dancing to. It’s funny how memory works – just flashes here and there, nothing chronological, and only cryptic clues to give an indication of time. When I was nine, I could very clearly remember being three, but now I can barely remember being nine. I do remember this song, though. Continue reading

6 of the Best Misheard Lyrics

If yesterday’s link to that wonderful Adriano Celentano song was not enough, Youtube user godelnahaleth has “translated” the nonsensical song into real English – without any attempt to understand what he was singing before. I’m pretty sure my mother does that most of the time – her (unintentionally) misheard lyrics drive me nuts!


This isn’t Soramimi – (空耳, “mishearing; (feigned) deafness”) or Soramimi kashi (空耳歌詞, misheard lyrics) – since that involves changing something that makes sense in one language into something that makes sense in another language.
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