JR Ewing’s “guardian angel” and other WTF moments in soaps

J-R-Ewing-dallas-1978-1991-larry hagman

I’ll have fond memories of Larry Hagman, who passed away yesterday, since JR Ewing starred in an incredible “WTF” moment in Dallas: that moment when you’re staring at the screen for ten full minutes after the episode has ending, wondering if someone’s slipped LSD into your tea. The soap was always a little offbeat, but occasionally veered into the outright preposterous. It’s not alone, though – every soap on TV has featured plotlines that were weird, baffling or just plain bizarre.  Continue reading


10 things that rocked my childhood

Answering a forum thread: “things that made your childhood awesome”.

1. Pong

We didn’t have proper Pong, this was one of the many clones, but we got many, many years out of it.  Continue reading