The new rules of growing old gracefully

Nick Cave 2009 New York City David Shankbone

I was reminded an old post I made here, back when I could write. It’s not that I’ve forgotten how to do it, or magically been zapped by some wicked witch, but I’ve just run out of time and enthusiasm. I wonder if that’s what happens to everyone in the end. When was the last good Metallica album you heard? Isn’t the best recent Ministry album a pale copy of Psalm 69? I might hope for a good new NIN album, but we’ll likely get a dull slab of corporate dad-rock with some tinkly bits.

What happened to us all?

We got old. Rock ‘n’ roll comes with a deadline, and when you reach it, time to die or move on. You’re not supposed to still be there at 50.  Continue reading

#musicmonday : Delerium – Incantation

Today’s #musicmonday comes to you via a bit of a detour, since I was actually looking for something else. I was enthused after reading OMH’s review of the new Mediaeval Baebes album, and its description of their version of She Moved Through The Fayre as “tear-inducing”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything, but this is pretty good.

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30 day song challenge: day 15 – a song that describes you

When I was about 16, a youth worker from my mother’s church invited me out for a cup of tea. I think he thought from my appearance that I was Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club and that he was going to be giving me the makeover. I smiled indulgently as he poured the milk: I appreciated the concern.

After five minutes, he put his teacup down and looked me in the eye.

“You know, you are not at all how I expected you to be.”

I laughed. “Well, what did you expect?” Continue reading