Horse Armor confirmed for Skyrim

Well, someone had to do it. In this case, it was Daunted over at DeviantArt. It’s the sort of fun knick-knack that I’d buy if I was anywhere near a Forbidden Planet that sold them – but something tells me this isn’t about to go into mass production any time soon.

You know, I’d actually welcome horse armour for Skyrim – I’ve got through four horses already, each chomped by various ravenous beasties. Maybe that’s a deliberate ploy to encourage us either to walk everywhere or fork out for overpriced DLC. *evil laugh*

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I was going to wait until I’d finished Skyrim before delivering my verdict, but I started playing Morrowind in 2002 and can’t really say I’ve finished that, either.

Skyrim is the best game of 2011. I think that goes without saying. The ever-reliable Adam Sessler at G4TV – one of those rare critics whose opinion you can pretty much take as gospel – put it this way: “Skyrim … is the apotheosis, not only of the open-world format, but of what games can accomplish. It is perhaps the finest experience ever made available in the medium.”

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Skyrim: constructive criticism at its best

According to vgchartz, over 3.4 million copies of Skyrim have sold in just two days, and that excludes digital. Steam reported recently that nearly 250,000 of its members were playing the game on the day of release. Skyrim, which has now shipped 7 million copies, is selling faster than Battlefield 3 and eclipsed only by Modern Warfare 3. The game is huge – and deservedly so. While I’m not going to give away too many thoughts about it before completing the main quest, the game is pretty much perfect.

But it isn’t flawless.

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Yeah, like I’m going to be writing blog articles when I could be playing Skyrim!

However, I will interrupt your playing schedule to suggest that you head on over to the BBC for a heartwarming and informative article on those precious, rare places that have something more important to celebrate today: the villages where everyone came back from the war. It’s good to spare a thought for those who risked their lives to save the world for real on this rather unique Remembrance Day.

Skyrim’s star-studded cast revealed

I was surprised to read in one of the many books I’ve been reading lately that one of the best things you can do in early labour is to play video games. I think the theory goes that if you’re reeling from the on-screen blows meted out by an angry dragon, you’ll be less likely to notice the crippling agony of an emerging sprog. The logic sounds fine to me (and it’s something I’ll be trying assuming that the game emerges before Princess Jr), especially since this year’s most anticipated game just got … uh … anticipateder

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