Ghost World and the problem with nerd culture


The minute I saw Thora Birch in Ghost World, I thought she looked familiar. Not because I remembered American Beauty, or because she resembles Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games. I recognised her because I saw myself at that age – belligerently “different”, sneeringly aloof.

Later on, I realised that she was nothing like me at all – just like in Mean Girls, there isn’t much difference between the cruelty of the alternative kids and the snooty jock set, except that here almost everyone is trying desperately to please her and she throws it all back in their faces.  Continue reading

Felicia Day – Gamer Poetry

507px-Felicia_Day_2012 by MingleMediaTVNetwork

Felicia Day is so the female Neil Patrick Harris. As if acting, releasing novelty singles, producing and writing wasn’t enough for her, Ms Renaissance Woman has turned her hand to … poetry. About video games. The accompanying music sounds bizarrely David Lynch-like, to really top it off. Continue reading

15 of your favourite people … as ZOMBIES!

Sarah Michelle Gellar by David Shankbone - zombiefied

I don’t give much of a crap what Kim Kardashian looks like as a zombie, but Sarah Michelle Gellar is another matter. Those nice people at The Walking Dead have put online an app that allows you to to turn yourself into a shambling flesh-eater. Buzzfeed had a little fun with your mainstream celebrities, but I figured it would be much more fun to put the likes of Grimes and Bat For Lashes and the cast of Doctor Who through the zombie-making machine … Continue reading

The Cabin In The Woods

Cabin In The Woods poster pic

I stood alone in the half-light of the musty attic, searching. A few more minutes and the book would be mine. A few more minutes. Even though I knew the house was haunted. I shivered as icy tendrils of dread caressed my spine. A mounting sense of unspeakable evil. A few minutes more. Searching …

Then I paused. Even if I survived, the horror of seeing the ghost would never leave me. I’d be altered forever, gutted in my soul.

As I marched out of the front door, I explained: “You know what? I really am just not that curious.”

When I woke, seconds later, I congratulated myself. I’d saved both the life and the sanity of my dream-self, after all, but then I felt a sense of dissatisfaction. Truth be told, I was that curious. That’s the trouble when you f*** with the formula. If Daniel Radcliffe had turned tail and fled before he met the Woman In Black, you’d have a happier ending, but you wouldn’t have a story. 

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JR Ewing’s “guardian angel” and other WTF moments in soaps

J-R-Ewing-dallas-1978-1991-larry hagman

I’ll have fond memories of Larry Hagman, who passed away yesterday, since JR Ewing starred in an incredible “WTF” moment in Dallas: that moment when you’re staring at the screen for ten full minutes after the episode has ending, wondering if someone’s slipped LSD into your tea. The soap was always a little offbeat, but occasionally veered into the outright preposterous. It’s not alone, though – every soap on TV has featured plotlines that were weird, baffling or just plain bizarre.  Continue reading

Watch this wonderful Middle Earth flight safety video

Air New Zealand Middle Earth Flight Safety video

One does not simply … well, you know the rest. Air New Zealand also know it, so they’ve teamed up with WETA Workshop to create this charming Lord of the Rings-themed flight safety information video.

An Unexpected Briefing features a cameo by Sir Peter Jackson and Air New Zealand are offering six pairs of tickets to the world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on 28 November.

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10 of the Most Hilariously OTT Death Scenes Ever

Machete Rodriguez Trejo Alba DeNiro Johnson Seagal

Kareteci Kız

This 1973 Turkish film has one of the funniest, silliest death scenes ever. Someone hand the guy an Oscar!
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