10 ways to end the world in style


If I didn’t have a prior appointment with a nice mug of hot chocolate and an early night, I’d be throwing a 2012 Party tonight. I mean, nobody really thinks the world’s going to end tomorrow, right? (Although if the world is supposed to end when we least expect it, then we least expect it tomorrow, which means that … *brain explodes*)

If you are throwing an End Of World Mayan Prophecy Party (and nobody really thinks the Mayans actually believed that, right?), here’s how to celebrate in style:

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The incredibly lifelike celebrity lookalike dolls of Noel Cruz

I have a wobbly headed Legolas doll in a box somewhere, an Evil Dead Ash and a few other bits and pieces stored away. I love merchandise, and always wanted Spaceballs: The Flamethrower as a kid. What I love less is how little these toys for grown-ups tend to resemble the characters that inspired them. I mean, they usually look like this:

Yeah, apparently that’s supposed to be Edward from Twilight. I doubt you’d get that if it wasn’t explained.  Noel Cruz‘s version, by contrast … well, that looks a little more like Robert Pattinson.  And by a little, I mean a lot. Continue reading

Missing Logic: The Road

Despite hating the book so much that I left it on a train so that it would no longer sully my handbag, I willingly watched the film of The Road. I figured the only way it could replicate the book’s irritation factor would be to be. Shot. Entirely. In. Rapid. Jump. Cuts.

It wasn’t.

That’s way too much punctuation for the start of this feature, considering the book has hardly any, but there we go. The book’s b*llocks, so what’s wrong with the film?  Continue reading

10 strangest search terms on Reinspired


You readers are a weird bunch. Whenever I glance at the site stats for Reinspired, I always do a double-take at the search engine terms, because much as you might think nobody’s paying attention to the words you type in to that search bar, they’re ranked and counted and categorized like anything else.

Here are some examples:

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Fallout: Nuka Break – The Series

Fallout Nuka Break

When someone says they’ve made a by-fans-for-fans live action web series based on Fallout, my immediate reaction isn’t one of enthusiasm. It’s usually like being asked to watch someone else’s kid in the school nativity play.

Wayside Productions, however, have made something that is … actually pretty good. The sets and special effects are surprisingly professional (and spot-on for the Fallout world) and the acting isn’t bad, either. Fallout: Nuka Break is about on a par with The Guild in terms of quality, so if you like that, you really should give this a view.

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Chris Worth’s Fallout: New Vegas Tour

Real New Vegas: the saloon in Goodsprings

Have you ever gone to a place you’ve never been to before, only to have a strange feeling of recognition that you later realise is because it looks like something you’ve seen in a video game? Have you ever wondered whether the Santa Monica of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines resembles its real life equivalent? After playing a flight simulator, do you think you could navigate the real place without a map?

British blogger Chris Worth visited Nevada, armed with a copy of Fallout: New Vegas, to see just how closely the real-life place corresponds with its post-apocalyptic equivalent. While the real location is (mostly) in better condition than its fictional counterpart, he was struck by how easy it was to recognise the game’s locations – and was able to spot the inspirations for the made-up places in the game.

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Fallout: New Vegas – The Enemy of My Enemy

I’m still in a predicament. I don’t really like Mr House. I mean, the guy’s a mobster, who was somewhat responsible for my Near Death Experience, and is certainly not going to rule New Vegas from a position of kind-hearted benevolence.


Caesar’s Legion are totalitarians, NCR would impose martial law and I don’t trust the others as far as I could throw them.

Neither do I trust Mr House.

Then again, so long as he stands to make a profit, he’s unlikely to actively seek trouble.

Thus we arrive at the position of most of the real-life world: given the choice between a system that tries to impose a moral will, and one that generally leaves them alone, they’ll usually opt for the latter.

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Fallout: New Vegas – Choosing Sides

I’ve stayed away from the Mojave Wasteland for the past few weeks because I’ve been deciding my options. I think I’ve decided (if that makes any sense) to try to remain as friendly as possible with all factions except Caesar’s Legion, who will be my targets for destruction. I’ll need all the help I can get – if I can elicit some from NCR, the Boomers and the Great Khans, I’ll need it – but I’ve already made enemies of the Powder Gangers and the NCR’s disposition towards me is decidedly mixed.

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Top 10 Posts 2010

These aren’t necessarily the ones with the most hits (since 30 March 2010) – though most are.

1 10 Sexiest Nerds

Blimey, you’re a shallow bunch! I wrote this as a bit of light-hearted fluff and it’s had about as many views as every other post put together! Still, if there’s one thing we love here, it’s sexy nerds. Of course, it was controversial when I first put it up: everyone complained that their favourite game developer had been omitted!

2 Fallout New Vegas: The First Hour

Everyone wants to know about Benny. It’s a good game and I’m still enjoying it, but I haven’t blogged about it lately because it would just read “number of radscorpions killed: 15. v good. Paralysed by choice: still not picked a side.”

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