Felicia Day – Gamer Poetry

507px-Felicia_Day_2012 by MingleMediaTVNetwork

Felicia Day is so the female Neil Patrick Harris. As if acting, releasing novelty singles, producing and writing wasn’t enough for her, Ms Renaissance Woman has turned her hand to … poetry. About video games. The accompanying music sounds bizarrely David Lynch-like, to really top it off. Continue reading

The incredibly lifelike celebrity lookalike dolls of Noel Cruz

I have a wobbly headed Legolas doll in a box somewhere, an Evil Dead Ash and a few other bits and pieces stored away. I love merchandise, and always wanted Spaceballs: The Flamethrower as a kid. What I love less is how little these toys for grown-ups tend to resemble the characters that inspired them. I mean, they usually look like this:

Yeah, apparently that’s supposed to be Edward from Twilight. I doubt you’d get that if it wasn’t explained.  Noel Cruz‘s version, by contrast … well, that looks a little more like Robert Pattinson.  And by a little, I mean a lot. Continue reading

Fallout: New Vegas – Choosing Sides

I’ve stayed away from the Mojave Wasteland for the past few weeks because I’ve been deciding my options. I think I’ve decided (if that makes any sense) to try to remain as friendly as possible with all factions except Caesar’s Legion, who will be my targets for destruction. I’ll need all the help I can get – if I can elicit some from NCR, the Boomers and the Great Khans, I’ll need it – but I’ve already made enemies of the Powder Gangers and the NCR’s disposition towards me is decidedly mixed.

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The Guild

I would ask if you remember little Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation, but half of the people reading this have been actively wondering what he’s been doing for the past 20-odd years, while the other half already know.

Actor Wil Wheaton has recently resurfaced in online sitcom The Guild – which is about as nerdgasm-inducing as if video games came on chocolate-coated discs. For the two or three people not watching it, The Guild is a series of short episodes uploaded onto watchtheguild.com and YouTube, starring Buffy’s Felicia Day and based around the lives of a group of MMO gamers.

This is the 4-minute-long first episode, and despite the low budget and woeful acting, it carried us along because anyone who had ever been in an online guild could recognise the characters: it’s something of a standing joke among gamers that you always dread some deluded member turning up on the pretty girl’s doorstep with a suitcase after interpreting “thank you for healing my character” as “I love you”. (caution: language)



The show coasted along on charm for two seasons, despite only learning to tell jokes well towards the end of the second series. However, the third series (being uploaded now onto YouTube) is where it found its feet as a broadly entertaining sitcom, by focussing more on the relationships between the characters and less on nerdy in-jokes.

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