Why video game soundtracks are underrated

If you say that you enjoy film soundtracks, most people wouldn’t react at all. Everyone knows that a lot of movies have great music. It’s even acceptable to admit to buying a television soundtrack, since many of them have cinematic-style scores.

Video games, by contrast, have no such respectability. Even though you might spend sixty hours wandering around a fantasy landscape and even realise that on some level a great deal of the lure is your enjoyment of the game’s music, there’s something a little silly about saying you love the score, because they’re just not taken seriously.

I think that’s a little ridiculous when you consider that just the same processes have gone into each, and that if you listen to the music on its own terms, it has just as much “worth” as music written for any other purpose. Take a listen to this piece (TES IV: Oblivion medley) by Jeremy Soule, for example:



I defy anyone to say that’s not great music.

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