Henry Rollins talks sense on Steubenville

Henry Rollins by Beezlebubba via Wikipedia

This is a sad thing to write about, and doesn’t really fall under “inspiration”, but I think Henry Rollins’ blog post about the Steubenville rape verdict certainly inspires food for thought. As usual, he was talking a lot of common sense, but there were two things that particularly troubled me: Continue reading

Back to school with Punkle Henry

Henry Rollins by Beezlebubba via Wikipedia

Left it a bit late, again, to blog, so I’ll keep it brief. A few days back I considered Henry Rollins’ rantings regarding his attitudes to women, and how sometimes he could be a bit childish and inappropriate in what he said. This isn’t one of those occasions. My friend Summer just linked to Henry Rollins’ Letter to a Young American Redux, from BigThink.com, which is definitely inspiring.

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