Hot Tub Time Machine

It’s not actually that easy to make a decent comedy, since few of them really make me laugh. I sat stony-faced through The Wedding Crashers, was barely amused by The Hangover, and plain didn’t get Napoleon Dynamite. I therefore had low hopes for yet another time-travel comedy.

Hot Tub Time Machine is self-explanatory: a jacuzzi at a ski resort transports loser Adam (John Cusack), his friends Nick (Craig Robinson) and Lou (Rob Corddry) and nephew Jacob back to 1986. They interpret this as an invitation to improve their future lives, despite warnings from mysterious pool mechanic Chevy Chase. It’s basically Back to the Future with Harold and Kumar humour – with Jacob (Clark Duke) as the one panicking that he’ll never be born.¬† Continue reading

America’s Sweethearts

Though it’s by no means a classic, this underrated little gem from 2001 is much funnier than much more highly-regarded Hollywood comedies. It skirts a fine line between romcom, satire and American Pie-style gross-out gags, but comes out winsomely as light, cheeky fun.

Most of its strengths lie in its casting – Billy Crystal, Stanley Tucci and Seth Green handle the satire while John Cusack and Julia Roberts put on their best love-me faces. Continue reading