Don’t be a dick part 2 – why two bands stood up against a horrifying new trend


There’s something incredibly draining about calling people out on their bulls***. It’s probably why people don’t do it very often. It’s probably why I find it very draining when I hear other people do it, and end up unfollowing left-wing ranters on Twitter. Listening to other people’s anger just makes me want to curl up and go to sleep, and not in a happy way. That said, I was energised and refreshed when Ad-ver-sary + Antigen Shift donated part of their set at Festival Kinetik 5.0 to call out fellow performers Nachtmahr and Combichrist on their particularly evil, offensive brand of bulls***.  Continue reading

The life and death of a genre


There were always old punks lurking at the local, or skulking in the nightclub, and we thought they were OK. Punk was old and dead, and the few wrinkly remainders trying to hit on women or men half their ages were smiled at like old WWII veterans. They might be a little out-of-place, perhaps a little embarrassing, but we wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for them, so there was a reverence there. We respected our elders. Nearly 20 years later, I see how young people today regard my own clubbing years. On Buzzfeed, a meme is going viral where fans are taking some footage of some terribly earnest-looking industrial fans dancing and overdubbing the music with ever more ridiculous novelty hits, with even more mischief to be found on Reddit. These fans are a laughing stock – and rightly so, because they are ridiculous.

What turns it from pathetic to outright upsetting is how little resemblance either the people or the music bears to the genre I loved with such a passion. It’s painful watching something you love die. Even when I was young, the old guard complained that Nine Inch Nails weren’t “real industrial”, and we smiled because things have to evolve and grow. But now there’s no trace of anything that ever made us love it in the first place. It hasn’t just evolved, it’s an entirely separate species, and it needs to be put out of its misery. Continue reading

Can we forgive ANYTHING in the name of art?

Would you sit there in your bedroom every night with your headphones on, falling asleep to Hitler’s speeches? Most people wouldn’t, and neither would I – but if you listen to a band with unsavoury views, you’re polluting your mind with the beliefs they espouse. Maybe they’re not expressed overtly – maybe it’s subtle and you wouldn’t know it if it wasn’t there – but  you wouldn’t really want to take the risk, would you? Especially when you know that music literally rewires your brain when you hear it. You’d better be damn sure you know what shape your brain will end up in after you’ve played their album 4,000 times.

Everyone’s being going on about Magma. Cardiacs fans, Foetus fans, fans of music generally. Magma Magma Magma. So, when I saw their BBC 1974 mp3 for just a pound at Amazon last week, I bought it and gave it a listen. It was very good.

Then, as I clicked on YouTube links in search of my next purchase, I noticed some arguments in the comments section and started to feel a bit sick. I ran a Google search, and didn’t like what I found.

Continue reading