First impressions: Sohrab – You Are Not Alone

I had a wonderfully witty post in mind when I chose to write about this, but I’m not going to write it. I’ll explain why in a moment, but first I’ll point out that I generally view “charidee” records as the last refuge of witless has-beens clamouring for publicity in advance of their hastily cobbled-together comeback tours. I should also mention that I tend to switch off when guilt-ridden Westerners latch onto complex political causes of which they understand very little to assuage some of those niggling doubts they surely must feel about how their habits of waste, greed and drug abuse are causing the very misery for those poor, poor foreigners that they get so tiresomely cranky about.

This is not one of those situations. Read on: it might be the most important thing you read all day.

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