Adventures in Music: Reading 2010 – Friday

Typically perverse, I’m going to talk about Reading on Glastonbury weekend. Someone on our intranet was selling tickets, you see. I told my colleagues earlier that out of 132 bands announced for the 2010 Reading Festival, I had heard of only 19 of them, and liked only one.

I declared myself “officially old”.

Hey! That’s no good! I need to fix this. I mean, I’m realistically only a third-to-half of the way through my projected lifespan: it’s a little too early to send me to the knackers yard, so I guess I need to catch up.

Friday 27 August 2010:


Guns ‘n’ Roses. Need no introduction. Didn’t Robin Finck join them at one point? Yes. Have they been any good since Appetite for Destruction?

Queens of the Stone Age

Oh yes, of course I know this lot. I know this song. It’s catchy, but underwhelming. Needs more cowbell.

Biffy Clyro
Welsh, apparently. I think of only novelty pop, sheep and the Manics. They’re closest, of course, to the latter. While they’re not exactly blowing me out of my seat (bubbles! Blowing! Geddit?) they strike me as perfect festival material. I think after a few pints of warm lager you’d have a blast watching this lot.

Ah yes, I remember this bunch from way back. I’m not really surprised I can’t remember what they sounded like – they fall into the awful middle ground a lot of bands do with me, where I actually forget they’re playing while they’re playing. They’re sort of Muse-lite, which isn’t a very enviable position.

Hunh … musta missed this of my list of 19 bands I knew of from the lineup. Make it 20, then. They remind me of Green Day, who (other than one song) also made absolutely no impression on me whatsoever.

Gogol Bordello


Sort of a folky mishmash, part wistful accordion, part Pogues. I actually like this more than anything I’ve heard so far. It’s extremely catchy, and while there’s the suspicion it’s more than a little tongue-in-cheek, it’s intensely musical and passionate.

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